Hawaii Honeymoon (AKA Broke)

Whether you're on a budget, or your funds are limitless, Hawaii is the perfect honeymoon for any couple and boyyyy did we sure enjoy ourselves.

When Kaden and I were in the process of planning our wedding, it never crossed our minds that Hawaii would be within our budget. With paying for a good portion of the wedding ourselves, our funds were tied and the thought of a honeymoon slowly drifted away from us. When people say the average wedding costs $30,000+, they aren't kidding. Wedding planning is no joke and I envy couples who are lucky enough to have money set aside for them for their big day. So yeah, you could say we were pretty much broke. 

 Laying in bed one evening we did what we do best. We went with our gut and decided just to book it. Southwest was having a deal and we were able to fly roundtrip for under $1000 for the two of us. You just gotta send it... right? We had the money for the flights and that was it. Probably not the smartest decision we have made but hey...

Maui, here we come!


We left for Maui 3 short months after our wedding. We booked our honeymoon for months after our wedding date, knowing we would need a little bit of time to not only save up for the trip, but to also just enjoy the company of friends and relatives that were in town. We left for Maui just after Memorial Day weekend and when we touched ground, the energy of the flight was like no other. 

We started off our trip at a locally ran Air BnB in Lahaina. The owner, Stephen, made us feel right at home. Right as we pulled up, he immediately took us on an adventure just down the street to view a few sea turtles who were close to shore. He was ecstatic about the Maui land and creatures and I felt like he quickly became more of a friend to us than a host. The Moana Lani Air BnB is a quaint little two story bed and breakfast located centrally on Front Street where all the local shops and restaurant are at in Maui. Stephen's place was everything you could ask for and more. He truly won me over when he said he makes homemade desserts each evening paired with a cocktail at sunset. I was actually kinda sad when we had to leave Stephen's a few days later, but we were then off to spend the rest of our trip at a resort. 

The Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa in Lahaina is much different than staying with a local. It's huge, and I mean HUGE. You're instantly greeted with a flower leis and it is definitely geared more to tourists. The grounds are beautiful and the resort was open to the outdoors when you walk in so you instantly feel as if you are a part of  Maui. 

By this point we were pretty much over salt water so we enjoyed the amenities of the resort and we layed out by the pool the last few days and enjoyed quite a few Mai Tais. I mean, we were paying about $50 a day for parking and all the resort fees, so why not enjoy it?

We wanted the 5-star hotel experience for our honeymoon, but were also looking for the local experience, while saving a few dollars at the same time. Both places definitely exceeded our expectations. I think if you asked each of us which place we enjoyed more, I think Kaden would say the Hyatt and I would choose the bed and breakfast. You can't go wrong with either!



Vacation vibes include lots of fun in the sun (beach please!), sea turtle lovin', tasty eats, and missing my dogs, and boyyy would I do it all over again if I could. Hawaii was a dream. Our first full day there was actually on my birthday so I chose to do Road to Hana that day. If you have never heard of Road to Hana, well, to simply put it, it's an all day adventure. We started the morning at 7am and hopped in the car. The Road to Hana starts in a town called Paia which is about 45 minutes from Lahaina. We used an app on our phones called GyPSy Guide (get it! GPS...ha!). The guide directed us while we traveled all through Hana. It explained the best places to stop at and sights to see. We took quite a few stops but my favorite was Koki beach. Koki has dark red sand and there is a tiny island to the right of the beach off in the distance. The island has a single palm tree at the top, which legend says was the island that the God Maui used to pull the islands of Hawaii out of the sea. It was neat to see this little island and know the local story behind it. Road to Hana is a MUST when you visit Maui. It takes you through all of Maui and it's countryside hills and national parks and many waterfall views. Many people warned us of the busy and winding roads and to be cautious, but we ran into no issues. Kaden drove the entire way and there are many one-way bridges you drive over, but every driver we encountered was courteous and just as cautious. 

SNORKELING!!!! Okay guys... I went snorkling only one other time and lets just say it did not go so well. I spent the day on the boat and it was not fun. So ya, I was a bit terrified when we booked a snorkeling trip but I knew seeing the coral reef would be worth it. We went through Redline Rafting because it was a smaller group, rather than the big boats that pack hundreds of people in. Redline took us to the Molokini Crater and a few other stops along the way. And despite my worries, I did ay-okay! The initial jump into the water was a bit terrifying, but I eventually got use to breathing from the face mask and I began to enjoy the views. 



One of my favorite adventures was the helicopter ride. I couldn't help but feel like I was the bachelorette and Kaden and I were on a one on one date. -Kaden, will you accept this rose?- HAHAHA! We took a helicopter ride with Blue Hawaiian and our guide, Derek, was the BEST. We're kinda sorta BFF's on insta now and he lives the best life and I'm super jealous! I mean, C'MON! You get to fly all around Hawaii in helicopter for a living!? What a dream. If you have the chance to visit Maui, going on a helicopter ride is a fun way to explore and get to know the parts of the island. 

When in Maui, you Zipline. It was our last day on the island and like any other hotel, check out is early. We had the whole day before we boarded our overnight flight, and we had nothing planned. I came up with the crazy idea of going on a zipline and somehow I think we convinced each other it would be fun. Everything in Maui requires a reservation made months in advance but we somehow lucked out finding a place available for two: Skyline Eco Adventures. On Skyline Haleakala, you zipline through a fragrant eucalyptus forest, visit Haleakala National Park, and take in spectacular mountain, ocean and valley views. All while you learn about the unique flora and fauna that call Haleakala home. It was pretty spectacular and the perfect way to end the trip. 



Alright guys, I could go on and on about Maui and how spectacular it all was, but I don't want to bore you. Just promise me you'll someday see if for yourselves. I'm thinking I'll do an entire separate blog post about the food in Maui because you eat out for every meal and we discovered some really sweet local spots along the way and I think it deserves it's own post. What do you think?