Microblading 101 // AzBrowDoctor

Today we are chatting allll about microblading!

My microblading experience started a little over a year ago, and boy have I learned a lot since then!! Ladies- DO YOUR RESEARCH. With little to no brow hair, I felt like I was taking a sharpie to my face every morning just to get some decent brows. I was desperate, and had little cash, so a Groupon add for microbladed brows for under $150 sounded quite enticing. Having done a little bit of research myself, I knew it would cost me at least $400 to get them done, so I immidiately booked the offer for $150 and scheduled my appointment with the so-called “specialist’.

Ever heard of the term “you get what you pay for”? … Well, lets just say this is 100% accurate. The experience was dreadful. My brows were not numbed (Yup… AT ALL). She took about 5 minutes to stencil out and measure what my new brows should be. And I was handed a mini stress ball to help with the pain, and man oh man was it painful.

Talk about 3 hours of misery.

Not knowing what the experience should have been like, I was content with my results. My brows were darker and no makeup was needed ever again… or so I thought. A month of dry healing had passed and I was back to my original brows. The finest lines could be seen, but overall, none of the pigment stayed. I was back to square one.

I messaged the owner and got zero response back. With having gone through so much pain and money, I threw in the towel. I really don’t even have any pictures of my brows after she did them just because there really wasn’t anything to brag about.


A few months had passed and microblading kept appearing on my Instagram feed. I had serious brow envy. This time, I was to do EXTENSIVE research. This lead me to AzBrowDoctor. HOLY COW were these brows gorgeous!!! These ladies clearly knew what they were doing. I decided to take the time to reach out to the owner via Instagram and share my past microblading experiences and how horrified I was to get them redone. The owner, Lindsey, was the sweetest and said they would fix them in a heartbeat! AzBrowDoctor has 3 artists: Lindsey, Rema, and Taylor. Depending on the artist, the procedure is $400+ and then another $50 for a 4-6 week touch up, which I would highly recommend.

Taylor Parks had the first Saturday availability so I decided to book with her! When I showed up for my appointment, Taylor was immediately welcoming. We discussed my past experience and went over what would look best with my facial structure. She took her time to measure and stencil out what she thought would look best. We then went over brow tones and what color would match my skin tones and natural hair color.

Bring on the numbing! Yes, every microblading procedure should definitely involve numbing your brows so you feel little to no pain. Taylor took her time with each and every brow stroke and proceeded to add more numbing cream along the way. The procedure was pain free and took about 2 hours altogether. I finally had brows!!!! Taylor walked me through the “dry healing” process and I was informed to keep my brows as dry as possible for the next 4 weeks to ensure they would properly heal. This process varies depending on your skin type (dry/oily).

Well, here I am months later and I am IN LOVE. I have since seen Taylor to get them touched up and a tad bit darker (see before picture above), but I could not be happier with the results. With microbladed brows, my morning routine is a breeze.

Was it worth it? 

YES YES YES! 100x yes. I’ll admit- the healing process is a bit annoying and they do begin to scab and it can become itchy, but it was totally worth it. I can wake up every morning feeling confident and sexy, and not so zombie-like and it has made Summer so easy with swimming, and I’m no longer worried about my brows sweating off my face. Worth every penny!

Okay and can we talk about how cute this place is!! AzBrowDoctor sure knows how to decorate!

99 problems but my brows ain’t one!!


4 weeks later & 100% healed! Thank you Taylor!!! You truly are a Brow Doctor, girl!