Hiii guysss!!!

We’re Whitney & Kaden, full time traveling hubby +wife photographers weirdos based in Arizona who thrive on capturing the adventures of love with the freaking most amazing, crazy, rad couples to ever exist! We find happiness in: Chick Fil A dinner dates,

We have two adorableee rescue pups named Tuck + Perry and they’re pretty much just as weird as we are, if not even more. Together, we seek adventure which is one of the many reasons why we truly love photography so dang much. We get to meet some pretty awesome, funny couples (like you!) and have fun exploring at the same time.

TRUTH: Kaden discovered his photography passion after becoming an “Instagram husband”… HA!

If you’re a goofball in love like us who likes to chat about the best pizza joint, fights over who can do the best Cardi B impression, and can be found up at 2am laughing about absolutely nothing, let’s be besties, OKURRR! XX!