Kailynn // Agnes and Dora by Simply KH Fashion

I’m currently in my home office working away and internally debating whether or not I should actually get up and put a different pair of pants on, because I have been running errands in these beauties ALL WEEK LONG. Guys- I am in LOVE with these stretchy and cozy jeggings by Agnes and Dora.

When a friend is an independent consultant for a company, you can guarantee I will be the first one in line to give it a try!

Kailynn and I met in high school and were besties. Now, this 23 year old babe is a mom, fiancee, and full time employee, all while running her own business. As besties do, Kailynn and I have stayed in touch, even as our lives got busier and we grew older, and I have been fortunate enough to follower her journey as an independent representative for Agnes and Dora.

Kailynn started her business less than 6 months ago, and she’s already doing incredible things. I met with Kailynn to discuss her journey of becoming a mom, all while starting her own successful business.


What excited you to start your own business?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was always envious of people who could support their family doing what they love – from home!! I enjoy styling clothing and have always wanted to help women feel comfortable and beautiful in their own way. 

Agnes and Dora is a clothing company that is dedicated to helping women feel fashionable, comfortable, and beautiful in their own way without it leaving you broke! We are dedicated to releasing items that can be worn a numerous amount of ways while maintaining excellent quality and remaining competitive with pricing. 

Agnes and Dora is so unique from other companies and boutiques as we really focus on having good quality clothing while still keeping the clothes affordable. We understand not every woman is built the same way so one style may not work for all body types. Agnes and Dora creates styles of clothes that can be worn different ways for different women who all have their own stylish ways! Each piece has different ways you could wear it to rock it your own brand!

A woman after my own heart. I listen to Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast religiously on Spotify during my commute to work and I can’t help but LOL every time she talks about how much she loves her yoga pants. Amen sister! Comfort is key.

How has this lifestyle impacted you personally?

I have broken out of my shell quite a bit through this business and it brings me happiness. There have absolutely been challenges in starting my business. My first live sale was a bust. One person was watching and I didn’t sell a single thing. I was crushed, disappointed, and questioning what I had just done. However, I didn’t give up. Another challenge was working a full-time job on top of starting a business. After finding a groove that worked for me, I wondered what I did with all my time before my business!

I can totally relate to this. Working full time, running a business and a blog, all while attending school full time is EXHAUSTING. But once you find that perfect routine, you begin to love feeling like a busy bee.

How has starting your own family influenced your business?

unnamed (9).jpg

Real talk: Being a mom is hard. Point blank.

However, having my son has not only given me more motivation in my business but has helped me relate more to my customers. Being able to watch him grow and learn has given me more motivation to rapidly grow my business so that one day, I can stay home with him permanently.

I have been able to show my clients that while having a newborn/infant is completely exhausting and takes all your time, I can still remain comfy and fashionable- all while being a mommy! Some days, I may only have 10 minutes to get ready, but I still look cute in Agnes and Dora outfits! At the end of the day, I work harder to meet my end goal for my family.

What was your journey to becoming a representative? How did you get started?

My journey started when I realized I had a problem – I was a shopaholic! From shopping in stores, shopping online, and shopping Facebook lives – I had clothes being delivered to the house a couple times a week. I swear my fiancé was ready to take my debit card away! I realized one day that I could start a business, spend less money on clothes, and make others just as happy finding outfits they love!

I wanted to be the person on Facebook lives that I was buying clothes from. I reached out to an independent Representative that lived close to me and asked her questions for about a week before I decided to take the plunge. After talking about it and going back and forth with myself, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t sign up. That night, I became an independent rep! 

Okay, I just DIED! There is always a package a day waiting for me outside my front door for when I get home. Amazon and I are kinda BFF’s. Kaden one day thought it would be funny to change the Amazon password on me- Not cool dude!

Tell us about the clothes! What fabrics do they use? What is the style of clothing? Are they TTS?

Agnes and Dora offers sizes XXS-3XL in almost all pieces of clothing. We offer clothes that stretch and move with you in any activity you do in life. The style of clothing is just amazing! From tank tops to dresses to sweaters- we have it all! The jeggings – literally are to DIE FOR!! What is better than looking like you’re wearing jeans or colored pants but you feel like you’re in leggings?!

I’m not sure how I survived before jeggings.

We use a variety of fabrics from baby suede, polyester, spandex, and many more. You can always count on the clothing being comfy. Agnes and Dora is always keeping up with the latest trends while still keeping it affordable.

Yes!!! I work in a corporate environment where I’m expected to show up each and every day looking professional, so these Agnes & Dora jeggings are life! I feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, all while keeping up with the trends.

What do you love most about Agnes and Dora clothing?

I love the versatility. Not only are the clothes insanely comfy, but a shirt can become a dress if you size up, or a shirt can become a cute layer over a dress. You can pair any pieces together and make something completely unique! I also love that Agnes and Dora is made to look good on any body type. After having my son, my body was going through many changes. I had some extra fluff, and my old clothes didn’t fit. I did not feel comfortable in my own skin.

Agnes and Dora has given me a way to look cute and FEEL beautiful in my own skin. 

I think we can all relate to this in some way. Our bodies are constantly changing and it becomes hard to cope with, but then we’re reminded that there are still companies out there, like Agnes & Dora, that make us feel comfortable and happy in our skin, all while rocking cute and fashionable clothes.

I wore the Agnes & Dora vintage graphic tee to the airport the other week and paired it with a comfy pair of Target yogas and my new Adidas cloudfoam advantage sneakers and it was heaven. This “Not Now, Maybe Later” top is pure comfort. I just love it.

Alright Kai- Where can we go to buy from you?

You can go to shopsimplyfashion.com, click on “shop now” and view all the inventory in my shop. Orders can be placed online 24/7.

By joining my Facebook business page, you can see all the new styles and any awesome sales we have going on! You can buy off of posts on the business page, buy from the albums on the page, or shop the live sales!