Let’s do the dang thang!!

a couple things. i’m a lover of capturing love in all it’s freakin crazy happy messy goodness! if you’re a down to earth, fun bride who values emotion over perfection, hmu!! cause let’s be real, as much as I love me a perfect outdoor wedding barefoot in the mountains, what matters most to me is the relationships I build with my couples, so let’s be bffs!!

when you hire me, you don’t just get a person who shows up, collects their check, and leaves. you get ME. my wholehearted attention, my super lame jokes that i think are freaking hilarious (lol), and my whole entire heart!! i am a super crazy weirdo, and yep, you get allll that too! i will pour my heart and soul into capturing you in the most incredible moment of your lives.

i’ll capture your double chinned laugh you do when your bae says that one inside joke, i’ll capture your wild, adventurous side that only they bring out in you, and i’ll capture the way you feel when you’re doubled over laughing in his arms.

i’ll capture the lipstick smudges on your babe’s face after your first kiss as a married couple, i’ll capture your grandmother crying as you say “i do,” and i’ll capture your flower girl running down the aisle straight to her mother’s arms with tears streaming down her face.

i’m going to be there with you, FOR you, every single step of the way. you’re going to sit in your rocking chairs together at 90 years old looking at these photos reliving every single moment (also being like daaaannngggg we look GOOOD!!). you’re gonna remember all the joy, the happiness, the tears, and all the totally imperfect moments that made it so gosh dang perfect! we’re going to laugh till our faces fall off, we’re going to have weird awkward dance parties (pls?!), and we’re going to have a freakin BLAST celebrating YOU! cause why the heck not?!

so, if you’re down to get weird, laugh a ton, and love even more then HAILLZ YEAH let’s party. get in touch, and let’s make some freakin mems!!

so let's do this thang!