IKEA Gallery Wall

The absolute best lighting in the entire house can be found in my office where I can be found getting ready in front of my makeup vanity, or working on Poshmark/blog/editing photography. This room is my sanctuary and I’ll admit, many selfies have been taken right here in this very chair. Aren’t vanity lights just the best?


Of course everyone on IG notices the little details, and I kept getting questions about the “famous wall” in the background of many of my posted photos. So here are the deets!

IKEA Photo Frames

Costco Prints

After our wedding came and gone, we had all these beautiful photos given to us on a flashdrive and a photo album, but these images deserved a true space where they could be admired, recognized, and cherished for years to come. My Posh office needed some sprucing up, and it had a rather large blank canvas to work with. I had Kaden measure the wall and figure out how many frames we could fit. For our wall, we decided to do 4 frames x 3 frames and this would leave us with enough room to have a 3 inch gap between each frame.

If it were up to me, I would have just ordered a stack of frames and just went with it, but thank goodness for Kade! He is a perfectionist when it comes to things hung up on the wall.


I ordered the frames from IKEA which were $12 on sale at the time, and the prints were ordered from Costco. Yes- there are MANY other options out there for higher quality prints, but they will cost you an arm and a leg (We’re talking $50-$100+ per print!!!). With my budget, I was perfectly fine with a Costco quality print for under $15 each.

This simple interior design project added so much elegance to my office and am IN LOVE with how it turned out. For more decor inspiration, follow me on the Gram and be sure to say what’s up!