Reflecting on 2018

As I sit here, attempting to write my first post of 2019, reflecting on 2018 my heart is already starting to stutter and my eyes begin to be filled with tears. #BLESSED. 2018- You have been so dang good to me over and over and over again.

2018 started off with much excitement. In March, I said “I do” to the man of my dreams, and it only got better from there. It consisted of lots of travel to nearby states like a weekend trip to Las Vegas, checkin out Red Rocks for the first time in Colorado, heading off to honeymoon #1 (yup, you heard that right) in Orlando, Florida, last minute spontaneous trips to visit family in Utah, a wedding in good ole Fredericksburg, TX, and finally we flew to Hawaii and stayed in Maui for our dream honeymoon. Southwest companion pass is where it’s at!

Knowing 2019 wont be as exciting and adventure-filled  is somewhat saddening, but I know we’re now at a different stage in our life where we’re ready to commit and invest our money elsewhere and take a break from all the travel. It has been a blast but my bank account disagrees. And also, our companion pass expired as of the new year so, there’s that.

2018 was filled with many commitments. Commitments I made to my husband at the alter. Commitments to my Poshmark business and buyers. Commitments to finishing my educational path. Commitments to my newly released website and blog. Commitments to my career. I was being pulled in each and every direction that it became a bit overwhelming at times. I learned a lot about myself from this and how it’s okay to seek guidance and help from others when something becomes too much. No one is Super Woman. Lesson learned: You can’t do it alone.

As for my blog, it became my baby; my early pride and joy this year. With all these commitments to others, I needed something for myself. Somewhere I could release all my thoughts and emotions into one place where they would be kept safely and shared with others who were curious and cared to read. I find passion in writing and I had a vision that someday it would take off. I started small this last year, and as I continue on into the new year, my only goal is to continually progress and seek guidance and understanding about the blogging world that I don’t already know.

With all that being said, I spent my last month of December closing one door and preparing to open a new one. Graduating from college was by far the cherry on top, and the best way to say goodbye to 2018. I feel like I can finally be a sain human being for once. I can breathe!! So much weight is off my shoulders and I can enter the new year healthy, happy, and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Let’s Talk Goals

  1. Get out there and make more friends (Not just on Insta).

  2. Continue to share the realness of my life. People dig the real truth.

  3. Say adios to processed, fatty foods. Paleo lifestyle in the works.

  4. Read at night and actually finish a book for once.

  5. Be more vocal. Communicate my wants and needs.

  6. Appreciate the act of saving and pursue needs > wants.

  7. Continually invest into our home. Our end goal is to have our home on the market by the end of the year.

  8. Spend less time on Netflix and more time having a conversation at night with my spouse.

  9. Practice patience.

  10. Invest more time and soul into my business with Poshmark, my blog, and photography.

Thank you all for following me along in this journey. 2018 has been real real, and I'm always hesitant to share everything going on in my life, but you all keep me motivated to pursue this dream. As we enter into the new year, I promise to keep it raw and continually honest with ya. Thank you for being a part of this with me.

** PEACE 2018! **