Q & A: Your Questions Answered

Hi there!! I have been extremely overwhelmed with the incredible amount of love and support from everyone after recently releasing my blog to the public. Thank you all SO much!!!

Over on instagram you guys asked me A TON of questions about my blog & lifestyle: how I got the urge to start it, what camera I use for my photos, if I will host people.... I was overwhelmed with the amount of questions and interest everyone has! I can't thank you enough. Seriously though guys... I expected my mom to be my #1 fan like always, but I never knew I would have this many supporters. It's awesome. 

You asked, and I'll answer. Let's dive right in!

*What sparked your interest in blogging?
I actually recently wrote about this topic and added it to my blog and it's titled "Wholeheartedly Happy: Why I Blog" but I'll give you a little brief synopsis. Simply put, I'm trying to make a life out of what I do and enjoy, and be all in all, wholeheartedly happy. I secretly know nothing about blogging. I wake up each morning and drool over the lifestyle some of these Instagram influencers and bloggers have. I envy that. I envy that they are out there pursuing their dreams, whether that is writing, vlogging, photography (personal, wedding, architectural), etc. I lacked that courage that they all have... until now. I'm ready to place my cards down and say I'm ALL IN. I have always enjoyed putting my words down in a journal and so creating this blog was just the next step to keep it all in one place and to share it with you all. 

*Life goals?
To be self-employed, and own a yacht. Anything is possible, right? And then I'll take that yacht (full of puppies of course) and travel the world. Who's coming with me? 

*What camera do you use for your photos? How do you get people to take your picture?
I recently made the switch and I now shoot on the Nikon D5600. It's my baby and I carry it everywhere...yes, even to the bathroom. I hope to one day do a major upgrade to the Nikon D5 (you gotta dream big, right?). Getting people to take take my photo takes a lot of courage and just gotta not give a F. It's a judge free zone. My husband, Kaden, takes a good portion of my photos but when I'm out and about without him, well, I'm on the hunt for someone to help a girl out! Right now, many of my photos on my blog of me were taken by Jenna Wilkes Photography (AHHH! Aren't they gorgeous?!). I could REALLY use some more, so if any local photographers want to do a shoot, message me!


*What camera lenses do you use? 
My go to lens is the Nikon 18-55mm. It's cheap and is a good neutral lens for most simple photos and video. I use a manfrotto monopod for stabilization and it does wonders! I also like a good cheap Amazon basics tripod for when I'm taking clothing photos for Poshmark. 

*What do you use to edit your photos/videos?
I edit on Lightroom CC on my laptop and mobile. There are SO many available presets nowadays but some of my favorites are the AG 01 Mobile Preset from @Alexgowon and the free VSCO presets. I just recently got into vlogging. What really helps me learn is shadowing a friend who has a lot of experience. So if anyone out there wants to share their knowledge, message me! I want to learn all your tips and tricks! I have enjoyed learning how to use the Filmora video editor and the Adobe Premiere Pro. I'll be switching over to a Mac soon and I'm looking forward to getting back into Final Cut Pro. All three are extremely user friendly. 


*Where do you shop?
Yoga pants, denim, Birkenstocks, and cozy t-shirts are my jam. I don't have one particular style or brand I wear but I can guarantee you will find me poppin' tags at your local Goodwill. I love fashion but what I don't love is the price tag it comes with. I was raised on buying resell clothing. I get a natural high when I find a used Gucci for DIRT CHEAP. I love to shop locally at Last Chance, My Sister's Charities, and Goodwill. I also shop online boutiques such as Lizard Thicket, Mura, and Red Dress. Some of my favorite brands include Zara, Urban Outfitters, Levi's, and Top Shop. 

*Will you host people on your blog?
#WomenSupportingWomen am I right? Heck YES girlfriend! I would absolutely love to dedicate some of posts to some amazing women out there who are incredibly talented and who are doing amazing things in the world (Just call me Jenna Kutcher). From makeup tutorials, nails, hair, local businesses... YES! I would love to feature you! I am also always open to doing product reviews, styling pieces and promoting companies that reflect my personal style. I try and feature the pieces within two weeks from receiving the package. If you would like me to wear any of your pieces and promote your company please email hello@whitneyraewilkerson.com with the subject line "COLLABORATE" for more details!


*How did you get so many Instagram followers?
I never EVER thought in a million years that I would reach 10K+ followers!!! I reached 10K earlier this year and my jaw dropped. How did this happen? And this was back when all I ever posted about was stressful wedding planning and puppies. Truthfully, it's just a number. Nothing in my life changed. I still had the same amount of friends, and I became no better than anyone else in my life. Instagram is my jam and I love using this form of media to connect with new people. It gives friends and family a way of looking back at me and my life when my time has come and I'm gone. It's my life documented into one little (yet, big) app. But I continue to not let this define who I am. Yes, I was ecstatic when I hit this milestone, and I couldn't be more blessed that there are 10 THOUSAND of you out there in the world that are looking at ME. That's insane. Here's a tip: Be open. Share your life experiences and stories. And just be 100% YOU. 


Boom! That's a wrap! Thank you so much to everyone who asked questions! If you have any others, leave a comment, email me, or hey just send me a DM on insta!