New Find: ORIBE

So... I caved. 

I followed the bandwagon and finally made the purchase. I bought the ORIBE dry texturizing spray and I haven't looked back. 

I've become somewhat "boujee" in the hair department lately, but I have no problem with that. Well, my bank account might disagree, but I promise your hair will thank you later! 

Since recently cutting off my locks, I have been looking for new ways to style my hair. I know many stylist that worshipe ORIBE but with the hefty price tag, I never gave it a fair chance. "Not Your Mother's" was always my go-to. At $5 a can, it did a decent job. I ran out last week and contemplated buying it again or changing it up. I pulled out the big bucks and decided to go with ORIBE. I felt a bit uneasy about spending $46 on a hair product, but at least Amazon has great customer service and I knew I could return it without question. 

YOU GUYS!!! This product is unbelievable. I have really fine hair, and curls tend to not stay wavy in my hair no matter what product I used (mousse, hairspray, etc). I used this product and my curls stayed put all day long and gave it that extra volume and textured look it needed. For once, I felt as if I had just walked out of the salon. 

It's expensive $$$ but it goes a long way with a few sprays in key spots. Ummm and did I mention the smell!! This is a must buy for all you hair lovers. 

Click on the following link to purchase from Amazon: ORIBE DRY TEXTURIZING SPRAY