Poshmark: Becoming a #GirlBoss


Each day I stare at my closet pondering what to wear. I wore this jacket last week. I already wore that at last month's party. These shoes are outdated. 

I find myself aggravated quite often because I spend too much time figuring out my next day's attire while mopping because I "Can't find anything to wear." Really, the issue is I have a closet full of clothes that need to go. Out with the old, in with the new. 

Poshmark was nothing new to me. I had given it a go when first being introduced the app when it first dropped in the app store. I had listed a few items here and there from my personal closet, but couldn't seem to get any regular sales. So, I deleted the app and moved on. But thanks to my boss, Carly (@IAmHippieGlam) I was brought back into the Posh world. I couldn't help but overhear how much of a #GirlBoss Carly had become. She had sold enough clothes in just 1 week to pay for her mortgage! 

I went home and gathered up chic sale-worthy clothes, snapped a few photos, and listed them for sale on Poshmark. I gave it a week... 2 weeks... 3 weeks... and nothing. I had zero sales. I took to the internet for tips and found a Poshmark blog. It was then I learned that shares are the secret to sales, and  started making an effort to share listings from other closets every day. I followed as many people as I could, and took advantage of every Posh Party that matched what I had in my closet.

Carly became my mentor and taught me everything I needed to know like becoming an ambassador to help get sales and be seen by Posh shoppers. This process is time consuming and involves staring at a computer for hours late in the evening just so you can hit 5000+ shares, but once I hit it, my sales skyrocketed! Phew...

Today, I’m still learning and working on my closet all the time. I learn from Poshers that I’ve bought from, like how to make each sale more personal with a handwritten note or fancy wrapping. Finding a group of Poshers who you admire can also help shape the way you present your closet and package sales. For example, staging clothing pieces has been a new and challenging undertaking of mine, but it makes each item look its best and well worth it. I also love when other Poshers ask questions or leave notes on my listings! From their feedback, I’ve been able to recognize that adding measurements to a description is always worth the time and effort, as this really helps them out. I’ve had so much fun cleaning out my closet and my husband is loving it too!

Poshmark started out as a small time investment to make a few bucks on clothes I didn’t wear. Now Poshmark is a community I’m proud to be a part of. I became a Posh Ambassador this year, and I love welcoming new Poshers. Most of my success came from taking advice from other people as well as sharing often, and I want to help new Poshers gain the same level of success that I have. I’m so thankful I’ve found the community I have in Poshmark!


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