Wedding Day: Miracles of Prayer

Sit down and grab a cup of hot coffee, and open your heart and your mind, because what I'm about to share is beyond us all and may require a bit of faith.

Waking up the morning of our wedding day, I could see it was a bit cloudy out and we knew there could be a slight possibility of rain (but all I could think about was how incredible the pictures would be). The day went on and we continued to get glammed up. As we arrived at the venue, we could feel sprinkles and then drizzles as bridal party pictures passed. The rain was picking up and the stress and tears started to kick in. What were we going to do? Do we need to move everything to inside? The wedding was going to start any minute!! I gathered all my girls together and said "Can we just say a quick prayer please?".. religious or not, they all came in together and we held hands and bowed our heads and prayed to God and thanked him for the amazing and beautiful day, but we would appreciate it if the rain would stop for the ceremony. We went back inside to cool down as guests started to arrive. .

The rain picked up and guests were forced to get out their umbrellas. The wedding planner keyed the music and the ceremony began. As the bridal party started to walk down the aisle, the rain started to slow down and guests began to put away their umbrellas. My dad and I could see through the hall's windows and began to question what was going on. And just like that, the minute my dad I step foot on the aisle, the rain just stopped. If that doesn't give you chills...

Photo taken by KolorPHX

And whatever you ask in prayer, may you receive if you have faith. Matthew 21:22