Spontaneous Hikes

What is life without a little adventure?

Arizona is getting hotter and hotter as the days pass and April is beginning to feel a lot like July. I personally rant and rave about Spring in AZ to anyone not from here who reminds me of the upcoming heat wave. Spring time means baseball, cold beers, and beautiful hikes.

The mornings are are actually still quite nice before the sun starts to rise. I woke up early this past Saturday (so not a morning person over here, so when I say "early" I really mean 8am) and figured, eh, let's enjoy this gorgeous weather and go for a hike! I got the boys out of bed, and all wound up and ready to go! It took Kaden a bit to have the random burst of energy the rest of us seemed to have at 8 in the morning, but he eventually got dragged out of bed.

Hand me a strong american and a Luna bar, and I'm there. WHAT A HIKE! If you're local and are looking for a view, Skyline Regional Park does not disappoint.